Learn Plumbing skills DVD


Filmed on location at Able Skills Construction Training Centre , this Plumbing DVD covers our training instructor in action. You can see genuine plumbing techniques used.

This plumbing DVD tutorial is designed to give you a good understanding in all areas of plumbing whether you are a total beginner or someone with basic knowledge.

Instructions are provided by our plumbing professional, drawing on years of experience in the field.

You will see the instructor produce a professional installation during the course. You to can achieve the same results - with the right training.

Watch us teach you: to prepare your copper pipe, joining methods, plastic pipe work, traps & wastage, taps, toilet systems, fitting a bathroom suite and kitchen sinks.

No previous experience is necessary when using this DVD, you will be able to undertake even the most complex plumbing projects.

Topics Include:

  • Preparing copper pipework
  • Joining methods & soldering
  • Preparing plastic pipework
  • Traps & Wastage
  • Taps
  • Toilet flushing systems
  • Fitting a bathroom suite
  • Kitchen sink


Note: For best results we recommend that you watch the entire presentation through at least once. When you are familiar with the techniques, gather your tools and materials together and make a start. The DVD is a good form of reference; use its contents to guide you through each of the Plumbing stages.

At Able Skills Construction Training Centre you can put into practice what you have learned from this DVD and receive ongoing guidance from the very same instructor. Please visit: www.ableskills.co.uk/plumbing.htm


This is the next step in our Plumbing tutorial series. This DVD will take you to the next level in plumbing, covering more complex tasks including

Plumbing DVD £10.0

Advanced Plumbing DVD £4.99

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